About Us

The Billy Parker Lucky 13 is an innovative tournament trail with a strong family fishing heritage. We believe that our ability and creativity provide a better connection with our anglers through years of experience. We are hard core anglers with a burning passion to impact the competitive fishing market with a positive , friendly atmosphere.
I believe this is one of the most unique formats I have ever had the chance to support
-- Joe Davis


Our Vision
To be locally recognized as the BEST family base competitive fishing trail by providing a top-notch affordable tournament experience
Our Mission
To be locally recognized as the BEST family base competitive fishing trail by providing a top-notch affordable tournament experience
Our Values
Integrity, Fairness,Creativity,Quality, and Honesty in all that we do
Our Culture
To glorify God, quest for perfection, respect others, understand and exceed anglers expectations

Billy Parker History

The Lucky 13 was originally created more than 30 years ago by Mr. Billy Parker as a fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy.  About 15 years ago Billy gave Cyrina Lang, a long time friend and avid supporter and organizer of local fishing tournaments, his blessing to use the Lucky 13 name and concept.  From there the Billy Parker Lucky 13 fishing tournament sponsored by the Wagoner Area Chamber of Commerce was born.

You can read more about his history on this WIKI Page here

Where We Are Going

Today the Billy Parker Lucky 13 is a family friendly, fun filled event. There are a lot of prizes given away.  We are looking forward to bringing more attention to this beloved tradition through social media and our partnership with Angler Nation.
We would like to thank our sponsors and dedicated participants that make it possible for us to continue.
Again, Thank you for your support!